All aspects of the Lampung, Semarang and all the other Facilities, including management, design, procurement and construction, are required to comply with relevant safety rules and regulations. INDO Energy objective is to develop the culture and processes to ensure the safety and health of all employees and contractors. In striving for this objective, the following criteria will apply to the Lampung and Semarang Facilities.

All employees are to be trained and equipped to have the skills and facilities to enable an injury free workplace

Accountability for providing a safe work environment rests with every employee

No business objective will take priority over safety and health

All incidents and injuries are preventable on and off the job

All individuals have the responsibility to identify and eliminate or manage risks associated with their workplace

HSE Policy

Safety is the responsibility of each person involved with the Project, and each individual is expected to play an integral part in its promotion and in the implementation of appropriate Safety Plans.