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After milling, various palm oil products are made using refining processes. First is fractionation, with crystallization and separation processes to obtain solid (palm stearin), and liquid (olein) fractions.Then melting and degumming removes impurities. Then the oil is filtered and bleached. Physical refining removes smells and coloration to produce “refined, bleached and deodorized palm oil and free fatty acids,which are used in the manufacture of soaps, washing powder and other products.

Laboratory Facilities, Equippedwith XOS X-ray machine &FOSFA approved test equipment

Processing facilities to further enhance the quality of POME for export

5502 MT bulk loading MV Gennaro levoli voyage Oct 2018

6000 MT bulk loading maiden voyage Aug 2018

5500 MT bulk loading 2018

6000 MT bulk loading 2018

6000 MT bulk loading 2019

6000 MT bulk loading 2019

6000 MT Bulk Loading

6300 MT Bulk Loading
2021 – Direct Loading

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