In a world where we are so dependent on fossil fuels, climate change is leading to the extinction of species and increasing poverty.  How do we combat our reliance on petroleum for transportation, plastics and fertilisers? How do we slow rising global temperatures that threaten to bring catastrophic weather systems, crop failures, disease outbreaks and water shortages?  How do we change our modern agricultural practices stripping the Earth of its thin layer of topsoil through water and wind erosion leading to species extinction? How do we create value for developing countries and alleviate poverty?

The idea

INDO Energy is in business to prove that through the careful and sustainable management of resources, it can tackle some of the greatest challenges facing the world today. Sustainable Development suggests that meeting the needs of the future depends on how well we balance social, economic and environmental objectives today.

By exploiting economies of scale, INDO energy believes it can successfully create a fully sustainable advanced biofuel business through the processing of Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME), a by-product of Crude Palm Oil (CPO) Milling.